How do you use scanning software?


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Though each piece of scanner software includes different customization options and features, most consist of an interface that allows you to communicate with the scanner to create a digitized image of the item in the scanner bed. Some programs may feature a set button to initiate the scan, while others may require you to choose the scanner from a menu option.

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In order for the scanner software to function, you must first connect the scanner to the computer using either a USB cable or wireless connection on appropriate models. Ensure that the scanner is functioning normally by opening the Devices menu in Windows or the Print and Scan menu within the System Preferences page on Macs and looking for the device by name. It may be necessary to run an installation program or install drivers so that the computer is able to recognize the scanner. When it is functioning, open the scanner software and look for a scan button.

If there is none, check for an Import option inside the File menu, as is the case with programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Windows Photo Gallery. You must choose the scanner from the list of devices, then specify the location to which you wish to save the file along with the file type. Some programs allow you to preview the image to set the scanning boundaries or ensure picture quality.

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