How Do You Use Safe Search Settings?


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To use SafeSearch settings, access the Search Settings screen on your Web browser, Google app or Android TV, and check the box that controls the SafeSearch behavior. To prevent others from changing your settings, lock them within the same settings screen. In case the SafeSearch settings keep resetting, make sure to enable Internet cookies on your computer.

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To modify SafeSearch behavior, perform a Google search, click on the cogwheel button, click on Search Settings, and check the box next to the Turn On SafeSearch option to enable it. The same process works in the Google app for Android devices. For the iPhone and iPad Google app, access the settings screen by tapping the gear icon, tap SafeSearch, select the Smart or Strict option, and tap Done. If you’re using an Android TV, select Settings from the home screen, navigate to the Preferences section, select the SafeSearch Filter, and turn it on or off.

To prevent other users from modifying these settings, click on the Lock SafeSearch link, sign in with your Google account when prompted, and confirm the action by clicking Lock SafeSearch again. Repeat this action for every user profile installed on your computer. If you have network administrator privileges, append the “&safe=strict” parameter to all Google search requests to force SafeSearch on all queries despite personal SafeSearch settings on the Google Preference page.

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