How Do You Use RootKit Remover?


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To use RootKit Remover from McAfee, download the latest version of the tool and save it to a folder or hard disk. Navigate to the location where the tool is saved, and run the RootKit file. Exit the tool.

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  1. Download the latest Rootkit Remover version
  2. Navigate to the McAfee website, locate the RootKit Remover tool, and download the latest version. The file should be saved in a location that is convenient, such as on a desktop folder or elsewhere on the hard disk.

  3. Run the file
  4. Navigate to the location where the file is saved. Run the Rootkit Remover tool. McAfee recommends running the program in Administrator mode for best results. Wait for the tool to progress through its three stages, including initializing, scanning and cleaning. This ensures that the tool completely removes any rootkits and their associated malware from your device.

  5. Exit the tool
  6. Once Rootkit Remover is finished running, a prompt appears that instructs the user to press any key to exit the Rootkit Remover tool. McAfee recommends rebooting the system and then running a full virus scan in order to remove any remaining rootkits or malware that might be left behind.

Once the Rootkit Remover tool is installed, access it for subsequent use by double-clicking on the tool icon.

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