How Do You Use RenWeb?

How Do You Use RenWeb?

The first step in using RenWeb is to access the RenWeb website and log in. RenWeb provides the school site application and the donor connect application. As a faculty member, log in using the faculty login option and as a parent, log in using the RenWeb login option.

To take online attendance, first click the Attendance option on the home menu, and then select the class from the class list. Select the appropriate attendance code, and then click the cell corresponding to each student that needs updating with that code. To add a comment, select the option from the default list, or tap on the cell, and enter the comment.

The faculty can add assignments by selecting the category from the grade book screen and then selecting the Assignment option. Select the Add Assignment option, and type in the assignment details. Select the Save option.

As a parent, first sign up for the Customized RenWeb Home by first accessing the RenWeb main menu. Next, select the report manager option and then the products and service option. Click the Customized RenWeb Home Sign Up option, and complete the form with the desired options. Finally, make the payment.

After subscribing, access the details updated by the faculty on RenWeb. To make online payments for lunch, use the Pay Now option in the ParentsWeb application. To donate online, use the Donor Connect application. RenWeb provides interactive courses that explain how to use every RenWeb feature.