How Do You Use the Remote Desktop in Windows 7?

To use the Remote Desktop feature in Windows 7, enable Remote Desktop on the computer to which you wish to connect. The remote computer must be running Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows 7 Enterprise, and the computer must not enter sleep mode.

  1. Open Remote Settings on the remote computer

    Open the Start menu, and right-click Computer. Select Properties. Click Remote Settings from the menu on the left, and enter your administrative password.

  2. Add users

    Locate the System Properties dialog box. Select an option under the Remote Desktop tab. Click Select Users to add your administrative user account to the list.

  3. Allow Remote Desktop through Windows Firewall

    Open the Control Panel from the Start menu. Open System and Security, and click "Allow a program through Windows Firewall." Click Change Settings. Tick the box located next to Remote Desktop, and click OK.

  4. Determine the name of the remote computer

    Open the Start menu. Right-click Computer, and select Properties. Browse the window that appears for the name of your computer, and memorize it.

  5. Access the remote computer from another computer

    Turn on the remote computer, and connect the computer to the Internet. On the second computer, open the Start menu. Type "Remote Desktop Connection" in the search box, and click it when it appears. Under the Computer dialog box, enter the name of the remote computer. Click Connect to access the computer.