How Do You Use Remote Assistance in Windows?


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Windows Remote Assistance must be set up before it is used. To set it up, click Start and then type Remote Assistance in the Windows search box. Open the Remote Assistance program, and then click Invite someone you trust to help you. Follow the instructions to enable another person to remotely connect to the computer through the Remote Assistance program.

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The Remote Assistance program is based on the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol, or RDP. RDP allows users to remotely connect to and control computers through a network or through the Internet without having to physically be at the remote machine. Remote Assistance is similar, except that when a user connects to a remote computer, the remote user can still see and control their desktop.

Remote Assistance should only be requested from users who the requester trusts. If a malicious party connects to a user's computer through Remote Assistance, they will have full control of the system, and will be able to do virtually anything they want to the system. If a user is not actively using Remote Assistance to get help with their computer, the Remote Assistance program should be disabled through Windows settings so that malicious users will not be able to remotely connect to their machine.

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