How Do You Use the QuiBids Auction Website?

There are several steps required to use the QuiBids auction website, including registration, providing a payment method and purchasing Bid Packs. By registering on QuiBids, the user gains access to all of the features within the QuiBids platform.

The registration process has two main components. The first component requires the user to enter information such as name, email, username and password. The second component requires the user to enter a valid credit or debit card. After the registration process is completed, it is possible to purchase Bid Packs.

The Bid Packs are how customers are able to place bids on products. For instance, a user can buy a Bid Pack of 100 for $60.00, as of 2015. This Bid Pack then contains 60 bids, which equates to 60 cents for each bid.

To place the bids in an auction, the user has two options. The first option is to individually click on the bid button. The second option is to utilize the Bid-O-Matic. This feature virtually does all the clicking for the user. The user is able to set parameters on the Bid-O-Matic, such as how many bids to place and at what price the bids begin. For items that are not won in an auction, there is a Buy Now feature. The Buy Now feature subtracts how much the user spent during the bids in a particular auction from the value price of the item. After an item has been won, the user needs to supply the shipping information in order to successfully complete the transaction.