How Do You Use a QR Code Reader on an Android Phone?


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To use a QR code reader on an Android phone, find a QR code to scan, open the QR code reader on the phone, and hold the phone as steadily as possible with the camera facing towards the QR code. The QR code must be centered on the screen.

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Most of the newer models of Android phones come pre-equipped with a QR code reader; however, if your device doesn't have a QR code reader, it is easy to download one from the Google Play Store. Simply open the Play Store and search for "QR code reader." Select an app from the results list and download it onto your Android phone.

Once a QR code reader has been installed on the device, simply open the app when you want to scan a QR code. When the app is open, steady the camera so that it can see the full code and wait a couple of seconds for the code to scan. If the QR code has scanned properly, some form of information appears on screen, such as a website, picture or video. If the QR code hasn't scanned properly, try standing further back so that the QR code is fully visible and centered on the screen.

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