How Do You Use PureSafety Software?


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Organizations can use the PureSafety software to offer their employees health and safety training courses, report and track incidents, and analyze accidents to determine future corrective actions. As of 2015, the PureSafety program includes over 700 training courses on occupational health and safety. Each organization can customize the courses to suit its particular business and equipment.

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Managers can use the system to generate reports and analyze areas of weakness to plan for improvement. They can then assign courses to their employees to address any workplace safety issues. The courses can also be used to comply with OSHA requirements.

The available courses cover a broad spectrum of health- and safety-related topics. The health section covers topics including general health and wellness, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and Medicare. The safety section offers the largest number of courses and covers topics such as first aid, hazardous materials and waste, fall protection, heavy equipment, and lab safety. The program also offers a section on general human resources and ethics. In addition, the program includes a selection of courses in 10 languages, including Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese.

UL, the company that administrates the PureSafety program, has been in the occupational safety business for over 100 years.

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