How Do You Use Publix PASSport?

How Do You Use Publix PASSport?

Publix PASSport works the same as other workplace login systems, and it requires a username and password to enter. After inputting the required information, all of the features, such as scheduling, can be navigated through using the menu tabs provided on the next page.

Registration for the Publix PASSport is done through the local store where the user is employed. After receiving a username and creating a password, use the following instructions to log in.

  1. Fill in the right fields
  2. Type the correct username and password into the provided sections of the first form.

  3. Double check and press enter
  4. Check both the username and password to ensure they are correct, and then press the enter button to move on to the next page.

There are some cases where PASSport will not allow its users to proceed onto the next page. In these instances, PASSport has ways to troubleshoot the system and help figure out what is causing the problem. The main thing to check for is whether the password is correct. If the password is wrong, press the Difficulty With Password button so the system can provide a link to reset the current password. This will allow the user to change the password, after verifying his identity, to something else that can be remembered easily.