How Do You Use a Promethean Interactive Whiteboard?


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To use a Promethean interactive whiteboard, you use a special stylus pen to navigate the projected screen as you would any touch screen, with the ability to interact with the connected computer or device without touching one key. Everything is done by the contact of the pen and whiteboard.

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A Promethean interactive whiteboard is used by connecting the interactive whiteboard to your computer or external device via cable. The computer is also connected to a projector in order to cast the image to the whiteboard, which acts as a touch screen. This is beneficial for allowing you to navigate and control a specific computer via an enlarged touch screen. This allows you to present data to a large group of people and have the images projected clearly.

The Promethean interactive whiteboard allows you to interact with your computer through the stylus pen, making it easier to engage in hands-on learning activities in the classroom. There are various ways to interact with the many compatible programs, including writing and highlighting important text and navigating your computer's search engine. Simply tap a link with your stylus on the projected image and the computer will respond. With the Promethean interactive whiteboard, your entire computer can be controlled with the touch of a pen.

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