How Do You Use a Printer With a Chromebook?


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In order to use a printer with a Chromebook, you have to set up the printer online first using Google Cloud Print. An Internet connection is required to print, as of March 2015. Google Cloud Print supports both Cloud ready printers and classic, non-Cloud enabled printers.

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Cloud printers are Internet enabled printers and can connect directly to Google Cloud Print for the initial setup. Older printers that do not come with Internet connectivity built-in are also supported; however, a device with a standard operating system such as Windows or Mac OS is required for the initial setup. Connect to Google Cloud Print and follow the step-by-step instructions to set up the make and model of printer.

Once the printer is set up on Google Cloud Print, printing a document is done by using the print option from the menu of the item to be printed or by using hot keys such as CTRL+P or SHIFT+CTRL+P. Any of these methods call the print dialogue box. As long as the Chromebook is connected to the Internet, a list of the Google Cloud Print printers available appears. Choose your printer of preference, and click on print. Then, the document prints via the Internet to the specified printer.

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