How Do You Use the Print Screen Option in Windows 7?


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To use the print screen option in Windows 7, open the page you want to capture on the computer, and press and hold the PrtScn key on your keyboard. Open Paint, and then press and hold the Control and V keys simultaneously to paste the screenshot into the Paint window.

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Alternatively, to capture an active window, click on the specific window to highlight it, and then press and hold the Alt and PrtScn keys simultaneously. Click Start, select All Programs, go to Accessories, and then open Paint. In the Home tab under the Clipboard group, click Paste.

In the new Paint document, edit the image using the provided picture-editing tools, such as cropping; point out important details in the picture with arrows; or use the circle and rectangle tools to highlight specific areas in the image. Click the Text tool to add a text or captions to describe the image, and then save the image. If you want to share the image, save it as a JPEG file.

On some laptop keyboards, the print screen key appears as "PrtSc" or a similar abbreviation. To find the print screen key on your keyboard, check the keys located next to the Scroll Lock and Pause keys.

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