How Do You Use the Print Screen Key?


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Use the Print Screen key to capture an image of whatever is currently displayed on the computer screen with a single keystroke. You may then use the Paste function to place the captured window image onto projects such as Microsoft Paint or a word processor document.

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The Print Screen key is found in the upper right area of most keyboards; typically, it is near the Insert or Delete keys. The label on the key may be shortened to PntSc, PrntScr or something similar. Before pressing the key, open to the window of which you want to take the screen shot. Use arrow keys or scroll to the portion of the window that you want to display in the screen shot. You can also zoom out if the content does not fit into the window. Press the Print Screen key. This captures a screen shot of your entire desktop along with the Task Bar.

Open Microsoft Paint and paste the copied screen shot using the "Ctrl" and "V" keys simultaneously. Save the screen shot with a JPG extension and your screen shot is now ready. Alternatively, you can capture only the active window by pressing the "Alt" and "PrntScr" keys simultaneously. This ensures that the task bar does not display in your screen shot.

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