How Do You Use the Preview Feature for TinyURL?


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Activate the TinyURL preview feature on the official TinyURL.com web page by clicking the link to activate the feature within the browser. This saves a cookie into the browser that directs you to TinyURL instead when you click a TinyURL link, and provides a preview URL first.

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By appending "preview." before the "tinyurl.com" part of a TinyURL link, you can manually activate the preview function in the TinyURL website. This function exists to preview URLs before navigating to them, to prevent being surprised by situations such as being sent to offensive or harmful websites.

Similarly, Google possesses a URL shortening app. In this case, you may preview the URL by adding a plus sign to the very end of the link. This sends you to a page listing information such as a preview picture, the full URL and the date when the shortened URL was created.

TinyURL is a website that was launched in 2002 as a means to shorten URLs to make linking a specific webpage to others much easier, as it requires less fiddling with special characters and long strings of words, crunching all of that down into an 11-character package. Since its creation, alternatives have arisen that have supplanted its usefulness with a wider range of features.

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