How Do You Use a Prepaid Straight Talk Wireless Card?

How Do You Use a Prepaid Straight Talk Wireless Card?

Users can either go into their phone's "Prepaid" menu to enter a Straight Talk Wireless prepaid card, log into the website or call (877) 430-2355 for assistance. Most newer Straight Talk Wireless phones have a prepaid option to allow customers to redeem cards straight from their phones.

From a phone, customers simply go to "Prepaid" and then to "Add Airtime." The system is designed to walk them through the process of adding money quickly and easily.

From a computer, head over to Straight Talk's website and click on "Refill My Account." Follow the prompts to use a Straight Talk card.

Those needing assistance will benefit from calling the number above to use a refill card. Customer service representatives are standing by to assist.

When refilling a phone using a Straight Talk Wireless refill card, customers will need to know their PIN. The PIN is located on the back of the card and on the receipt. On the card, it is located in the gray strip and the strip will need to be scratched off to reveal the PIN. In all cases, the PIN is 15 digits long.

One of the benefits to having a Straight Talk Wireless phone is that there is no fee for adding minutes using a refill card. Plans can be cancelled at any time without customers incurring a cancellation fee.