How Do You Use Plugins in Project64?

How Do You Use Plugins in Project64?

You can use plug-ins in Project64 by choosing them in the Settings menu in the emulator. The Project64 emulator provides an alternative option for playing Nintendo 64 games on a computer. This emulator comes with default plug-ins; however, you can choose different plug-ins within the emulator to improve graphics, audio and more. Project64 recommends using the default plug-ins for the best results, as installing third-party plug-ins may cause further problems.

  1. Start Project64

    Start the Project64 emulator on the computer, and select a game. If the game has glitches, you can switch the plug-ins in the Settings menu. This emulator does not support third-party plug-ins and always bundles a variety of plug-ins with each new release.

  2. Configure a plug-in

    You can configure a plug-in before, during or after emulation. Go to Settings, and select Plug-ins. Press OK to activate, and go to Options, then Plug-in Type and then Plug-in Configuration. Choose a new plug-in, or configure the current plug-in for better visual or audio enhancement. Afterward, exit the Settings menu.

  3. Start a game

    Return to the game if you chose to configure the plug-in during emulation, and determine whether the new configuration improved the game. If not, select a different plug-in from the Settings menu, and repeat the process.