How Do You Use Pivot Tables?


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To apply a pivot table to a worksheet, first align the data under column headings or table headers. Click any cell within the table of range or cells, and then click Insert and Recommended PivotTables.

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Pivot tables make it easy to summarize, tabulate and organize large pools of data in Microsoft Excel. The pivot table function automatically transports massive or complex worksheets into a streamlined format that allows users to change how the data is summarized.

Presenting data in an attractive, annotated and concise manner, a pivot table allows users to move columns to rows or rows to columns to view different summaries of data. The tool is entirely customizable and intuitive. It allows for the aggregation and subtotaling of data, and it can summarize data by categories and subcategories. The pivot table function utilizes the drag-and-drop method to shift fields of data from one location to another. This allows changes in the way that data is presented and formulated.

Within the Recommended PivotTables menu, choose a layout to view its format. Then, select the table to include in the report. Excel transports the PivotTable to a new worksheet and provides a Field List to rearrange the data. Access the Filter and Sort functions to isolate the data, and organize it as desired.

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