How Do You Use Pinterest?

How Do You Use Pinterest?

Use Pinterest to collect and organize images, tips, recipes and similar resources from the Web and pin them to your own virtual board. You can also follow other people's boards and socially interact with other Pinterest users. You need to sign up for a Pinterest account before creating a board using the built-in menus. You can then personalize your settings and begin to add your resources.

  1. Join Pinterest

    Open a Web browser, and navigate to the Pinterest website. Sign up with your email address, or opt to create an account using your Facebook or Twitter information. Follow a few boards, and check your email address for the link to verify your account.

  2. Adjust your settings

    Hover your mouse over the drop-down menu, and click Settings. You can opt out of emails, update your information and connect using different accounts.

  3. Create a board

    Now that you have joined and configured your settings, create a new Pinterest board for your account. Click Your Boards in the drop-down menu, and add a name pertaining to the subject, such as "Favorite Apps" or "10 Comfortable Shoes." Give your board a description, and decide whether you want to share it or keep it secret.

  4. Add some pins

    Browse the Pinterest site for images and subjects related to your new board. Hover over the image and click the red Pin It button to add the image to your board. You can also upload your own pins with the Add a Pin option.