How do you use Pinger Textfree?


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To use Pinger Textfree, locate the new message icon within your Inbox, and tap it. Choose a contact from your contact list, type your message and tap the purple Send button to send.

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You can also send a message to a number not in your contact list by tapping the dial pad icon, typing the number, and selecting Text. Type your message and tap Send.

Send a group message by tapping the New Message icon from within your Inbox. Tap the purple plus sign to add a number from your list of contacts or type the contact's name into the search bar and tap on it. Tap the purple plus sign to add more numbers or add more contacts into the group. Type your message and tap Send.

To make a phone call, navigate to your contact list and tap the contact icon on the top toolbar. Enter the name of the caller in the search bar or scroll the contact list for the number. You can use a different phone number than the default, or you can invite the contact to Textfree by tapping the green arrow. You can also place a call by entering the phone number by tapping the dial pad icon on the toolbar.

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