How Do You Use a PC to Phone Dialer?


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To use a PC-to-phone dialer to make calls, confirm that the computer meets software requirements, download the dialer from a website such as IConnectHere.com, and follow the instructions provided to make the call. A PC-to-phone dialer is used to make calls from a computer. Users need a computer with a sound card and microphone to be able to make phone calls.

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Users can use a PC-to-phone dialer to make voice calls, video calls and conference calls, depending on the setup. Those who do not have a camera can still make video calls to see participants, but will only be heard by recipients.

Use the following steps to use a PC-to-phone dialer to make calls:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Go to a website such as IConnectHere.com by entering the address into a Web browser.

  3. Confirm the requirements
  4. Confirm that the computer meets all necessary requirements before installing the dialer. For example, the PC-to-phone dialer from IConnectHere.com requires at minimum a Pentium 266 megahertz PC, Internet connection speed of 33.6 Kbps and 128 megabytes of RAM.

  5. Download the dialer
  6. Click on "Download Dialer" to download the dialer to the computer.

  7. Make the call
  8. Follow the instructions provided to make a call using the dialer.

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