How Do You Use the Ookla Speed Test?


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To use the Ookla speed test, open the speed test feature, click Begin Test when a map of your current location appears on the screen, and then view the speed test results. The speed test feature helps to measure the speed of your Internet connection and identify its weak points.

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On the top menu of the speed test application from Ookla, you can view ping results, download speed and upload speed. The bottom section of the speed test screen includes your current location on the right-hand side and your IP address on the left-hand side, including your Internet service provider.

The meter located in the middle of the page displays the strength of your Internet connection in bits per second. To share the results via social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, click on the Share Results button. Click Rate Your ISP to rate your Internet service provider based on the results of the speed test.

The Ookla speed test page receives more than 5 million visitors a day, according to Ookla. It provides global coverage tests for more than 3,500 servers worldwide, as of 2015. Ookla also provides various speed test applications for Windows, Android and iOS applications.

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