How to You Use an Online Tire Size Calculator?


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Use an online tire size calculator by entering the year, make and model of the vehicle along with information such as the engine trim or special package designation of the car or truck. Some online tire size calculators also use tire sizes to help customers find compatible options.

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Many online tire size calculators let users plug in the essential specifications of their car and return the exact tire size that the original equipment manufacturer used for the stock model of that vehicle. This allows users to know which size of tire to purchase when they want to keep the other systems in their car the same. If a larger tire is required, a tire size calculator can also explain which additional sizes will work with the rims the car currently has fit. This enables usees to choose a variety of different tires, but changing tire size can affect other systems in a vehicle, such as speedometer and odometer measurements.

More advanced online tire size calculators give users the breakdown of tires available from a specific manufacturer or online retailer for the vehicle. These often provide helpful information about which tires to purchase, including variants such as all-weather radials or specialized tire options.

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