How Do You Use a Free Online Sentence Checker?


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Use a free online sentence checker by copying the text of the sentence or paragraph into the designated field on the site and clicking the appropriate button to initiate the check, which highlights or underlines any words with spelling or grammar issues. Some tools may also make suggestions about corrections or explain the type of issue it detects in the copy.

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The specific interfaces and capabilities for free online sentence checkers can vary between tools, though most feature a single input field for entering one or more sentences. After typing or copying the words into the field, you must click on a button to have the tool run its tests, which commonly appears under the text input field, with the actual time to run the tests varying depending on the length and complexity of the content. Most tools check the text for spelling errors according to common words within the English language, with some tools featuring less comprehensive dictionaries that may incorrectly mark some words as misspellings.

Many tools also check the content for grammatical errors such as the wrong conjugation of a verb, lack of punctuation or incorrect word choice for compound phrases or direct objects. The tools can also check for common word usage errors, such as a sentence that features the word "your" rather than the conjunction "you're." The tools highlight or otherwise call out the issues and make suggestions about the possible corrections for each error.

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