How Do You Use the Online "Find My IPhone" Feature?

How Do You Use the Online "Find My IPhone" Feature?

To use the online "Find My iPhone" feature, make sure the feature is installed and activated on the phone and connect to iCloud on a computer. Through iCloud, view the phone on a map, play a loud sound to locate the phone in the room or erase a stolen phone remotely.

"Find My iPhone" is an Apple application that allows users to locate lost or stolen phones. Run through the following steps to use the online feature to locate a phone.

  1. Install the "Find My iPhone" application
  2. Download the "Find My iPhone" application on the iPhone.

  3. Activate the application
  4. Activate "Find My iPhone" in the iCloud section of Settings. To activate the application, sign into iCloud with a valid Apple ID and password and switch on the feature.

  5. Sign into iCloud
  6. To use the feature on a computer, sign into the iCloud website and go to the Find page.

  7. Find the device on the map
  8. Look at the map to find the iPhone's location.

  9. Play a sound (optional)
  10. If the device is located somewhere in the home, choose the option to play a sound to help retrieve it.

  11. Lock or erase the phone (optional)
  12. If the phone is located somewhere else, lock it with Lost Mode. Lost Mode also adds a contact number and a message to the start screen so that finders can call to report the phone as lost. Erase the phone remotely to remove all personal data from the device.