How Do You Use an Online Countdown Timer?

How Do You Use an Online Countdown Timer?

A simple hours, minutes and seconds countdown timer can be used by typing in the desired amount of time and pressing "Set" or "Start," according to Online-Stopwatch. The online timer will usually flash on the screen when it reaches zero or start a beeping alarm. Users should make sure that their computer's sound is turned up enough to hear the beeping timer.

A more involved online timer takes a little more effort, but may allow users to create a header message and set the time for a date months into the future, notes Time and Date. Using one of these timers is still fairly intuitive.

  1. Go to Time and Date
  2. Visit Click on "Timers" and select "Countdown to Any Date."

  3. Select the design and header
  4. Click on one of the available "Countdown Designs," including "Lift Off" or a "Birthday" theme. Type a desired header in the "Countdown Title" box. Choose a "Font Style" from the drop-down menu next to the box.

  5. Set the final date of the countdown
  6. Type in the month, day and year that the timer will countdown too. Type in the hour, minute and second of the day that the timer will stop at. Type in the nearest city where the event is occurring to get an accurate countdown. Click on "Stop countdown at zero." Press the "Create Countdown" button.