How Do You Use a Navegador GPS?


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The first step is to download the Navegador application to a mobile device. The navigational information is categorized and displayed in six different displays. Navigation information about position, speed, time, course and signal quality information such as estimated position error and dilution of precision can be found within the application.

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The Navegador is a powerful GPS-enabled application that, once downloaded, automatically loads and calibrates the maps from the Internet. The Navegador GPS collects real-time information from a number of global positioning systems and then combines it to provide a simple and compact navigation solution.

For the graphical display of visible, used and unused satellites along with the signal strength bars, select the satellite display. When the maps display is selected, the navigator is able to view the real-time map with the course, position and graphical displays of tracks and waypoints. The points display is for the waypoint management, and the tracks display is for the track management. The computer display provides the total distance, the average and maximum speeds as well as the moving and stopped times.

The Navegador GPS understands most of the global positioning system protocols that are available as of April 2015. It provides easy-to-understand data about location and bearing.

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