How Do You Use NADAguides to Find the Value of a Used Car?

How Do You Use NADAguides to Find the Value of a Used Car?

To use NADA Guides to find the value of a used car, click Autos at Select a make via the drop-down menu, or click on a body type.

Click a particular manufacturer under the body type menu, such as Ford SUV. You can change the body type and year using the drop-down menus located above the list of results. Select a trim level, enter a mileage and any corresponding optional equipment, such as alloy wheels or power seats. The resulting chart includes values for a rough trade-in, average trade-in, clean trade-in, clean retail and certified pre-owned pricing.

Click Compare to Other Cars to evaluate several different manufacturers and makes of used cars side-by-side. Click the highlighted Change next to Options to add or subtract options and adjust values. Clean retail refers to asking price, which is potentially higher or lower than the actually selling price for the same vehicle.

NADA Guides prices for used cars reflect a variety of data, including asking price data, auction prices, retail sales transactions, and microeconomic and macroeconomic factors, such as demand, environment and similar products by competitors.

NADA Guides stands behind its consistency in terms of reporting regional values and typically publishes the same prices and values to consumers, taxing authorities, insurance companies, lenders and dealers.