How Do You Use the MyLifeTouch Pay Online Feature to Pay for Your Pictures?

Enter the Picture Day ID or Portrait ID and your child's first name at, and click Submit. Select the desired photos and upgrades before clicking Checkout. Enter your credit card, debit card or PayPal account information to pay for the order.

The online payment option at MyLifeTouch allows customers to either order and pay for photos before picture day or order additional copies after picture day. When paying before picture day, enter the Picture Day ID, which is unique to the child's school and is found on the flier. For orders after picture day, enter the child's unique Portrait ID found on the proofs or order sheet. If you don't have this information, click Find Picture Day on the MyLifeTouch page to search for the information.

Another option is to create a personal account on MyLifeTouch. This allows users to log in and access their children's portraits and see past orders. A Register Now link at the bottom of the page allows the user to enter personal information to set up an account.

Ordering before picture day allows customers to choose specific package deals, poses and backgrounds for picture day. The child doesn't need to bring money or a check on picture day because the payment is already made.