How Do You Use the MyDISH Game Finder?


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To use the MyDISH Game Finder app, first press the blue button on the remote control for the Internet-connected Hopper. Next, select the Game Finder app. The screen then prompts for the account number or ZIP code.

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Enter the account number or the ZIP code in the provided fields, and then select the sports type. The options for the type of sports include basketball, baseball, football, hockey and soccer, with a further option to choose all sports. Choose one of the categories by selecting the radio button, and click on the Submit button to view the available sporting events.

The page then displays all the games in the chosen category that DISH is broadcasting in the coming week in the selected area. It provides a list providing the day, date, time, game and station, in addition to specifying whether the game is broadcast in HD and whether it has been blacked out. In addition, it also lists the package required to access the game indicating whether it is available for specific user viewing.

In the Filter results field provided, enter any specific team name to check the games played by that particular team. The page displays the games played by the selected team. The Game Finder app also allows tagging of favorite teams from each of the major leagues. It then provides alerts about the scheduled recordings and upcoming games of the favorite teams.

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