How Do You Use MyChart for KDMC?

How Do You Use MyChart for KDMC?

Before accessing MyChart, a doctor's letter of recommendation is required, so a special password and username can be received. The interface for MyChart is separated into several different sections, including appointments, medical records and personal information.

There are several functions that can be done through the MyChart application. One of the primary functions is creating appointments. To create an appointment, follow these steps.

  1. Choose the appointments tab
  2. Click on the appointment tab and choose the type of visit that is required. There are limitations to the type of appointment that can be accessed; if one is needed for more than one person, contact KDMC.

  3. Choose the best time
  4. Pick what the best time to go will be and press the accept button.

The other accessible sections on MyChart include lab results and e-visits. Lab results typically appear on MyChart after approximately four days. They can then be viewed through the lab results tab.

The e-visit section is used as a virtual doctor's office. These are used for situations that are more casual and require a patient to explain all of their symptoms and conditions that they are feeling. The doctor will then diagnose what they believe is wrong and write out the proper prescriptions for their patient.