How Do You Use Minnesota's DNR Lake Finder?


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To use Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources LakeFinder, either enter the name of a particular lake or choose a county. When you choose the county, a list of lakes in that county appears.

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If you enter the name of a specific lake, all of the lakes in the state with that name appear. Then, choose the lake based on the county or closest city or town. For instance, there are several lakes in Minnesota with the name Cedar Lake, so the LakeFinder website can help narrow down the choices.

When the correct lake appears, click on the name of the lake for more information. The website shows a map of the lake, as well as other information, such as fishing regulations and a list of any invasive species that may live in that particular lake. Click the Fishing Regulations link to see a list of species found in Minnesota lakes, when the season for the species is, and the possession limits. The LakeFinder website also provides a listing of fish species in the specific lake in some, but not all, cases.

In addition to finding a lake on the LakeFinder page, you can also obtain information about stocking. To find out about fish stocking, choose the county or species to see the available fish in a certain lake and when the lake was last stocked.

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