How Do You Use Microsoft Word Resume Template?


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To use the resume template functionality in Microsoft Word 2010, select the desired option in the Office.com Templates section and create a new file by downloading and opening the template. Once you finish modifying the entries and fields, save the resume template file for future use.

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  1. Start Microsoft Word 2010

    Click on Start, and select the All Programs option. In the Start menu, open the Microsoft Office folder by clicking on it once, and select Microsoft Word 2010.

  2. Create a new file using the resume template

    Click on the File button in the menu bar, and select the New option. If you can’t find the desired resume template in the Office.com Templates section, click on the search bar in the same section, type in “resume,” and select the one you want from the list of results. Once you select the template, click on the Download button. After the download is complete, Word 2010 should open a new window displaying the selected resume template.

  3. Modify the entries

    Use your mouse pointer to highlight the existing entries that you wish to modify. Once they’re highlighted, press the Delete key, and type in the information that suits your needs.

  4. Save the resume template

    Click on the File button, and select the Save As option. Select a name for the template, and type it in the File Name field. Select the location where you want to save the file by using the navigation screen, and click on Save when ready.

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