How Do You Use Microsoft Sharepoint?

How Do You Use Microsoft Sharepoint?

Microsoft Office SharePoint allows you to manage, create and share documents and Web services with colleagues. With the program, you can create SharePoint Portals, such as workspaces, blogs, instructional wikis, applications and other files through a Web browser.

  1. View and create SharePoint dashboards

    Access SharePoint’s dashboard to view up-to-date information and all associated SharePoint features. You can create new dashboards or access previously built dashboards as an individual, group or as an entire organization. Familiarize yourself with existing dashboards by clicking on the various headers, applying filters and observing respective data.

  2. Create SharePoint portals

    Create a portal by adding SharePoint to your list of places in the respective Office Program. For example, in Word, click File, then Save As and Add a Place. Under Add a Place, select Office 365 SharePoint, and complete the steps on the Sign In page. After entering your information, a SharePoint Portal appears under the Save As pane. Access SharePoint’s Share menu to engage with co-workers and share documents across the Web. With a SharePoint account, save any Microsoft Office document to a SharePoint Portal, and access the Share command to let others edit or read your file.

  3. Invite and share others

    After creating a SharePoint Portal, open the document you wish to share and click File. Then Share and Save To Cloud. Select your SharePoint document library on the Save As page, give the file a name, and select Save. On the subsequent page, click Share under the Invite People section, and enter the names or email addresses of the individuals you wish to share the file with.