How Do You Use a Memo Template in Word 2007?


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To use a memo template in Microsoft Word 2007, create a new document, and download the desired template from the Office.com Template section on the Available Templates screen. Once the download process completes, modify the template if necessary, and save it. Create a new memo based on the downloaded template by opening it, typing the memo content over the sample text and saving the memo as a separate file.

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After starting Word 2007, click on the File button, and select the New option. Type “memo” in the search field, press Enter, select the desired template, and click on the Download button. Once it downloads the template, Word 2007 should open it automatically. To save the template for future use, click File, select the Save As option, type the file name for the template, and click Save. Memo templates created in Microsoft Word 2007 are compatible with later versions of Word.

If the memo template contains background elements or objects, modify their properties, or remove them altogether. To select a background element in the template, click on it directly. If it’s hidden behind the text, click on Select in the Editing section, click on Select Objects, and draw a box over the object. Press the Delete key to remove the object, or click on one of the buttons on the edge of the object, and drag the mouse pointer to modify the object’s size.

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