How Do You Use a McGraw-Hill Connect Access Code?

How Do You Use a McGraw-Hill Connect Access Code?

Using a McGraw-Hill Connect access code involves registering for an account on the Connect website provided by the professor, specifying the course and then entering the access code, notes the McGraw-Hill Connect website. Students who don't already have access codes are able to purchase them during the registration process or do a 14-day free trial while they wait to purchase a code online or elsewhere.

Use these steps to use a McGraw-Hill access code.

  1. Go to the course's Connect website
  2. Find the Connect website link the professor for the class has specified. Visit the page, which will show the course name, instructor and section. Verify that this information is correct and click the "Register Now" button.

  3. Set up an account
  4. If already registered on the Connect website for a previous class, fill in the login form to continue. Otherwise, select the option to make a new account and then enter the information McGraw-Hill requests, including the security questions to protect the account, suggests the McGraw-Hill Connect website.

  5. Apply the access code
  6. After logging in with the existing or new account, type the access code in the field requesting it. Click "Submit" to apply the access code and then click "Go to Connect Now" to continue with the registration process for the class.