How do you use Mail Merge in Microsoft Word?


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The mail merge option can be used in Microsoft Word by accessing the Mail Merge Wizard. There are predefined sets of options in the wizard through which it is possible to create personalized letter forms in Microsoft Word within a few minutes.

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  1. Find the Mail Merge Wizard

    On Microsoft Word 2002 and 2003, the Mail Merge Wizard option is located in Letters and Mailings, under Menu. In Word 2007 and beyond, go to Mailings, Start Mail Merger, and then Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard.

  2. Select document type and starting document

    From the top-up sidebar of the document, select the type of document to be used. Select letters, and click Next to create letters to send to different people. Next, select the starting document. You can use the present document, any of the fixed templates or an existing document.

  3. Select the recipients

    Select the recipients of the letter. These names can be selected from an existing list, or they can be synced from the user's Outlook account. Alternatively, the names can be manually selected.

  4. Write the letter and set up additional information

    After selecting the recipients, write the body of the letter. Add Address Block, Greeting Line, Electronic Postage address or more items to the recipients.

  5. Preview the letter and complete the merge

    Preview the entire document, and proceed to Complete the Merge. The letters can then be printed or edited individually.

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