How Do You Use Lowes Store Finder?

How Do You Use Lowes Store Finder?

To use the Lowe's store finder, access the Store Locator page on the official Lowe's website and type an address, city and state or ZIP code into the search bar. Website visitors can also click on a location on the interactive map.

To find a store location on the Lowe's store finder, use the following steps.

  1. Go to the Lowe's website
  2. Visit the official Lowe's website to access the feature.

  3. Go to the Store Locator page
  4. The Store Locator page is easy to access from the Lowe's home page by clicking the link.

  5. Enter the relevant search information
  6. The store finder can find locations by city and state name, address, ZIP code or location on a map.