How Do You Use Lotsa Helping Hands?

How Do You Use Lotsa Helping Hands?

To use Lotsa Helping Hands, create an account on the website, set up a community, post a help request and invite new members. Make frequent updates to the community to keep up the support.

Lotsa Helping Hands is a social media community designed to help organize assistance for individuals who need additional help and care. Coordinators can use the service to help organize and schedule rides to doctor's appointments, meal delivery and other assistance tasks. To use Lotsa Helping Hands, run through the following steps.

  1. Sign up on the website
  2. Visit and register for a free account. Anyone can register for the service. Individuals in need of care may register for their own account, or family members or caregivers can do it for them.

  3. Create a community
  4. Create a new community to start coordinating help.

  5. Request help
  6. Use the Help Calendar feature to request help from the community.

  7. Invite people to the community
  8. Invite friends, family members and colleagues to the community. Members can see vital information and requested help dates on the calendar. Other community members can also serve as coordinators to help organize help requests and vital information.

  9. Keep the community updated
  10. Frequently review help requests on the Help Calendar to keep them up-to-date. Use the announcements feature to offer news to friends and family who are connected to the community. Keep vital information such as medications, doctors and insurance providers current.