How Do You Use LogMeIn123 Remote Support?


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LogMeIn123, known as LogMeIn Rescue, has three primary functions: administration center, technician console and customer support. Technicians help customers through the console, while customers access support online or through the applet. Clients who receive direct support from technicians that use LogMeIn Rescue enter a support code at LogMeIn123.com.

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The technician-customer support system is built and managed through the administration center. Administrators are able to connect customers to technicians, review support logs and generate reports.

Within the technician console, technicians are able to engage online customers waiting for a response or initiate a new session with a specific client. For a direct connection, the technician generates a code or e-mail link in the console and gives that to the client who enters it when prompted. Technicians are also able to transfer files and perform system diagnostics through the console.

Websites are able to offer customer support via an applet in their code that allows them to chat with customers who request help. As a customer, you are prompted to download small .exe file from LogMeIn before you are able to receive remote support from a technician using the console. For a direct connection, enter the six-digit code provided by the technician at LogMeIn123.com, or follow the link that has been sent via e-mail.

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