How Do You Use LogMeIn Pro?


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Use LogMeIn Pro to remotely control a computer by signing in to the LogMeIn.com account page, running the LogMeIn desktop client on another computer or utilizing the Android or iPhone app. Then, select a computer from the list to connect it.

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Before using LogMeIn Pro to connect remotely to a specific computer, add it to the list of devices available for you to use. On the computer you want to connect to later on, log in to LogMeIn.com. Click Download or Add Computer, then follow the instructions provided to complete the device addition process.

You can find added computers in the Computers section of the LogMeIn.com account page, desktop client or mobile app. Clicking or tapping on a computer from the list creates a screen sharing session with the selected computer. The screen sharing session allows you to see the screen as it appears on the selected computer and take control of the computer remotely and use it in the same way you would if you were using its physical mouse or keyboard.

In addition to screen sharing, LogMeIn Pro enables a number of other remote capabilities. Options on the remote control toolbar allow connected users to perform remote printing tasks and manage files. When used to provide remote technical support, tools like chat, whiteboard and laser pointer allow remote users to provide meaningful instructions to whoever is physically using the device.

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