How Do You Use LinkedIn?

Creating and promoting a LinkedIn profile is the most effective way to utilize the professional social network. Through a LinkedIn profile, a professional can build valuable networks, research organizations, promote her skill set and apply for open positions.

A LinkedIn profile, which is created following registration, is the best way to increase visibility, build networks and establish a brand. Creating an effective LinkedIn profile starts with adding basic information, such as name, location, education, professional skills and job experience. It is crucial to list all skills to optimize a profile’s visibility.

LinkedIn assesses a profile strength”from 0 to 100 percent. A higher percentage indicates greater visibility, which increases the likelihood of appearing in search results. To ensure maximum visibility, each individual should include a profile photo, at least five work skills, two or more previous positions, information on current position with a detailed description, a personal summary and details regarding any work samples, projects or volunteer experience.

After creating a detailed profile, a user can connect with other users through LinkedIn’s search and recommendations tools. Users are encouraged to connect with friends and family first then build a network based on those connections. The People You May Know page allows a user to take advantage of LinkedIn’s algorithm for additional connections.

In addition to promoting skills and building a network, LinkedIn is a great resource for job seekers and recruiters. The Jobs tab lists openings by industry and allows users to perform searches by location, title, keyword and company. Users can apply for jobs directly or save the entries to review at a later date.