How Do You Use Kronos Workforce Timekeeper?


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Use Kronos Workforce Timekeeper software to track, manage and control employee attendance and time. The first step in using the Kronos Workforce Timekeeper software is to have a valid Kronos account.

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Enter the Workforce Timekeeper URL of the company in the Web browser to open the Web page, and log in. If using a Java-based application, install the Java plug-in if needed. To view the time card, select My Information and then click on Timecard.

The software allows the employees to enter into the attendance and time log the time spent working. Employees also can use the Workforce Timekeeper to request time off, schedule changes and check earnings. The time card allows the employees to record the start and stop times for each task, using three columns to enter all times: the In column, Out column and the Transfer column. Enter the meal breaks as well, and make sure you save all your entries.

A manager can access, review, edit and approve employees' time cards using Kronos Workforce Timekeeper. After the employee approves the time card, it goes to the manager for approval. The system has automated email and SMS alerts that notify the managers of any information that requires urgent attention.

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