How Do You Use Koodo Mobile Self-Serve?


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There are many ways to use Koodo Mobile self-serve, including changing account information, modifying a mobile phone and handling billing for the account. It is also possible to change and update the mobile phone plan.

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The Koodo Mobile self-serve website is accessible by any account owner, but it is necessary to open an online account. One way to use the self-serve site is to change account information such as billing address and contact information. Another way to use the service is to change a mobile phone number, suspend or restore the account or change or upgrade the mobile phone.

Another way to use the Koodo Mobile self-serve website is for billing. Some of the billing tasks available through this website include bill payment, the ability to view transaction history and the ability to view both airtime and data usage. It is also possible to use the self-serve website to add or change features on the account, change the rate of the plan and edit the five essentials on the account.

All of the tasks available through the Koodo Mobile self-serve website are free of charge, but if doing them through a customer services representativef there is a $10 to $25 charge, as of 2015, for some transactions. The transactions that have a charge if done through a customer service representative include changing the account address and upgrading the mobile phone.

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