How Do You Use a Kindle Fire?


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To use a Kindle Fire, power on the device, register it on Amazon and review Amazon’s tutorial. Other steps involve getting familiar with the Kindle Fire screen and settings options, managing battery settings and rebooting the device.

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The older Kindle Fire tablets require tapping the power button, and the newer models require holding the button down for a few seconds to power up the device. If the device displays the phrase “Kindle Fire” and proceeds to the unlock screen, it indicates that it has switched on correctly. Once unlocked and ready to use, the device must be registered with Amazon. After registration, the “Welcome to Your New Kindle” mini-tutorial opens up.

After the tutorial, it is good to get familiar with the four components of the Kindle Fire screen: the status bar, the menu, the carousel and favourites. Sliding the menu downward displays the quick settings menu which has the auto-rotate, brightness, wireless and other settings. The carousel, located at the center of the screen, is a flowing ribbon of images. The device’s battery settings can be accessed from the quick settings menu by tapping on “Settings” and then “Device.” To switch off the device, press the power button for a few seconds and tap the “Power Off” option in the display.

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