How Do You Use a Kindle?

How Do You Use a Kindle?

How Do You Use a Kindle?

Use a Kindle by turning on the unit and manipulating the home and arrow buttons or the touch screen to navigate to the Amazon bookstore. Choose the books you want to read, purchase your selections, and begin reading.

  1. Turn on the Kindle

    Turn the Kindle on by locating the power button along the bottom of the unit. Turn the switch to the On position.

  2. Navigate through the menu with the controller

    Navigate through the menu using the five-way controller, which allows you to click arrows to choose books or other menu items. There are four arrows with a center button. Clicking the center button always takes you to the home screen.

  3. Join a Wi-Fi network

    When the prompt asking you to join a Wi-Fi network appears on the screen, click the network of your choice.

  4. Set up or visit your Amazon account

    The Kindle asks you to set up an Amazon account so that you can purchase books. Click on the prompt, and follow the instructions to either set up a new Amazon account or register the Kindle to your existing account. At this point, you can purchase books and download them directly to your Kindle.

  5. Read the books

    Click on the book you want to read from the Kindle library screen. As you read, click the side buttons to turn the page. If you have the touch screen Kindle version, swipe your finger across the screen to turn the page.