How Do You Use JavaScript in HTML?


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You may add JavaScript to your HTML files by placing the code within a <script> tag section. While previous versions of HTML require the <script> tag to include the type="text/javascript" attribute setting, the setting is optional with HTML5. Additionally, the xml:space attribute is unsupported by HTML5.

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  1. Open the HTML file to edit

    Open the desired HTML file in which you wish to add JavaScript. If your website utilized a server-side programming language, such as PHP, the HTML for a website may be scattered among several different files. Use an IDE, such as NetBeans, that is capable of working with HTML and JavaScript code to help prevent syntax errors.

  2. Insert JavaScript into the file

    Locate the section in the HTML file where you wish to add JavaScript. Type the opening and closing <script></script> tags, and place the desired JavaScript between these tags. If you are following XHTML standards, also place your JavaScript within a CDATA section, e.g., //<![CDATA[ Your JavaScript //]]%gt;. Save the file when you are done.

  3. Test the JavaScript

    Load the HTML file with a web browser. Because each web browser works differently, make sure you test your code with multiple browsers. Use the developer tools in Chrome, Firefox and other web browsers to help find issues with the code.

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