How Do You Use the IPhone5 Tutorials?


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iPhone 5 tutorials are designed to help guide people in using or fixing their phones. They are used as a guide, or walk-through, often filled with pictures or put together in a video format. These tutorials can show simple things, such as how to create a contact, or more complex actions, such as replacing a cracked screen.

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Tutorials are available for all kinds of devices, and some websites, such as GcfLearnfree.com, focus on hosting pages devoted to them. Apple iPhones utilize a completely different operating system than other phones, so tutorials are often used to make the transition to iPhones easier.

Tutorials are meant to be very easy to understand, and are presented as such, instead of using a wall of text or pages without pictures. Tutorials use visual tools to depict how something works. With the introduction of the Internet, many people took to video recording as a way to instruct others. iPhone 5 tutorial videos are available online, and show the entire process along with the tools required to complete a task.

Another popular form of tutorial is a how-to article. This type of article often uses pictures between each step and acts as a visual aid to those completing an action. These types of guides can be seen on GcfLearnfree.com as well.

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