How Do You Use the IPhone 6?


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The iPhone 6 is turned on by pressing the sleep and awake button on the side of the phone. Set up consists of swiping left or right when prompted with the "Hello" screen, selecting a country or region, selecting a Wi-Fi network, enabling location services, reviewing terms and conditions, setting up and signing in with Apple ID, setting up Cloud Drive, creating a pass code, and reviewing app and resolution settings.

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The iPhone 6 uses a multi-touch screen that allows users to click and make selections by pressing the screen with their fingers. Tapping the screen with one finger is used to click, dragging one finger up or down on the screen is used to scroll the current page, swiping one finger left or right across the screen is used to change pages, and pinching the screen with two fingers is used to zoom in and zoom out on the current page.

Tapping the rectangular button on the side of the phone is used to put the phone to sleep and to wake it up, holding down the same button turns the phone off or on. The square button near the bottom of the phone is used to take users to the home screen and also to the app selection screen when double tapped.

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