How Do You Use an IPhone?


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To use an iPhone for the first time, follow the Setup Assistant directions to connect to the Internet, sign in with an Apple ID, back up the phone with iCloud and turn on recommended features such as Find My iPhone. The Setup Assistant also assists with activating the phone.

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After setting up the iPhone, access the home screen by pressing the home button, which is a large circle button below the screen. This button returns the user to the home screen from anywhere, even in the middle of using an app or during a phone call. To lock or unlock the screen, press the oblong power button on the top right edge and then either swipe right from the bottom or enter the passcode. A small switch on the top left edge toggles the volume between silence and sound.

From the home screen, navigate apps by swiping right or left to see more pages of apps. All iPhones come with basic apps such as Messaging, Mail, Clock and Notes. Use the App Store app to find more apps to download. To organize the way the apps appear on the home screen, press and hold any app button until they all start wiggling, and then tap and drag apps to re-order them or move them into different screens. Delete unwanted apps by pressing the X button on the top right edge of the app icon.

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